McDonald’s Is Turning Billboards Into Bee Hotels

These McDonald’s billboards double as bee hotels.
Multiple McDonald’s in Sweden have replaced their regular roadside billboards with permanent wood signs. They have holes drilling in the text for bees to rest.
“30% of Sweden’s wild bees are threatened by extinction,” McDonald’s said in a promotional video. “A big problem is that they have fewer places to live.”
The fast food chain is also collaborating with outdoor advertising firm JCDecaux to create bee habitats on the backs of unused billboards.
In May, McDonald’s introduced the McHive, a scale model of a McDonald’s store that can serve as a home for thousands of bees.
“The survival of bees is an important issue for society as a whole,” McDonald’s in Sweden’s Henrik Nerell explained. “That we can use our signs for a good use feels great.”
There’s no word on whether the project will expand beyond Sweden.
Dying bees are a problem across the globe because of the role they play in pollinating food crops. For decades, beekeepers in the U.S. and Europe have been reporting yearly hive losses of 30% or more.

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