Microsoft Makes Surprise Announcement of Surface Duo

Microsoft unveiled a foldable smartphone called Surface Duo in a surprise announcement.
Microsoft took a page from Apple’s book by announcing “one more thing” at the end of its October 2, 2019 keynote. The new foldable Surface Duo is a smaller version of its dual-screen Surface Neo device, which was also announced at the event both devices are meant to improve your productivity when you’re on the go. But Microsoft is partnering with Google to give the Duo Android capabilities, like downloading apps from the Google Play Store.
“We’ll be sharing more information about what the wireless carrier strategy’s gonna be, what our network’s gonna be, what the components are and specs are on the device,” Microsoft Corporate VP Matt Barlow said. “But make no doubt about it: Google Play Store is on this particular device.”
The surface Duo has two 5.6-inch displays that unfold to become an 8.3-inch tablet. Each display can run two different apps at the same time. But the Duo can also be turned into landscape mode, which allows the second display to be used as a keyboard or game controller. There’s no price for the Duo yet, but once it officially launches, it will directly compete with the Samsung Galaxy Fold.