New Zealand Musician Programmed Industrial Robots To Play Real Instruments

This musician makes music with robots. These are real industrial robots playing real instruments - make sure the sound is on for this one. Nigel Stanford is a musician who wanted to create a music video that visualizes the audio. So, naturally, he borrowed three industrial robots from a company in Germany and spent four weeks programming them to play music. Nigel had little knowledge of how to program, so he used what he knew of graphic design along with a 3D modeling software to control the robot’s arms. Through the software, he programmed the movements and then imported that data into the robots. He continued refining the moves so that the bots could play without colliding into anything. Stanford created an entire album using the robots called, ‘Automatica,’ and he plans to create more videos with the bots. He says that he hopes to one day do a live show with them as well.