Op-Ed: Jungwon Kim On the Importance of Forests

Jungwon Kim, of the Rainforest Alliance is explaining why we need out forests.

She stated, “We need forests to fight climate change but we’re destroying them at an alarming rate, mainly through agriculture. Deforestation is huge problem in the tropics, where humans are destroying forests at a rate of 31,000 square miles of forest destroyed per year. That’s an area the size of South Carolina, and most of that is to clear land for corps. This is a global crisis because we all need forests for our basic survival. There are so many things we need from forests, like air. Forests produce much of the Earth’s oxygen, and keep our air breathable and clean. Like water. Forest watersheds provide clean drinking water to hundreds of millions of people globally, and about one third of the world’s cities, like Barcelona, Tokyo, and New York City. And medicine. Forests are also full of medicinal plants. Forest plants are used for medications to treat heart disease, diabetes, and hundreds of other conditions.”

She went on to explain, “As a consumer, your choices matter. Look for the Rainforest Alliance Certified seal. By supporting farmers who are protecting our planet, you’re contributing to a better future for us all. Visit Rainforest-Alliance.org to learn more about forests, farming, and how you can play a role in stopping deforestation.

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