Stealing Your Partner’s Clothes Can Reduce Stress

Science says that stealing your partner's hoodie is good for you because it can lower your stress levels. According to New Atlas, researchers at the University of British Columbia constructed a study of the human olfactory system. They found that the scent of a significant other can tangibly reduce feelings of stress. 

In the study, 86 couples were given a clean t-shirt and the men were asked to "scent the shirt with their smell over a 24-hour period. Their partners then smelled one of three shirts: a clean one, one that had been worn by a stranger and one that had been worn by their partner. They were then asked to complete several stress tests. 

The study found that those who smelled their partner's shirt had reduced stress and cortisol levels — and higher cortisol levels when they smelled the stranger's shirt. So the next time you're feeling under stress, grab one of your partner's shirts and sniff.