The Future of Cloning Technology

To get technical, there isn't just one form of cloning, there are three different types of cloning. The first  is gene cloning, the second is therapeutic cloning, and the third is reproductive cloning. So what exactly is the difference between reproductive cloning vs therapeutic cloning? Find out in this video.

Aside from the difference between therapeutic cloning vs. reproductive cloning, we'll also be talking about gene cloning. There are different processes involved for each type of cloning. For therapeutic cloning, a process known as SCNT, a.k.a. Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer, is used. The SCNT process was the process used in 1996 to clone the famous sheep Dolly.

It took 277 tries before scientists could successfully clone the baby sheep that became known as Dolly. The cloned sheep Dolly is the first mammal to be cloned, but she wasn't the first animal. Back in 1952. scientists cloned a tadpole using a version of the same method of nuclear transfer — however the tadpoles suffered abnormal growth.

Where is the future of cloning heading now? What are scientists doing with cloning technology? We're getting to the bottom of it all in this episode of ConTECHtual. Here's what you need to know about cloning.

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