This Device Makes It Much Easier For Men To Pee In The Car

This device allows you to pee in your car. “The Car Pool” is a portable toilet for men. The process of using it is almost as easy as using a urinal. First you expand the compressible tube, bend it to fit your position, place the head into a water bottle and — well — you know the rest. The Car Pool apparently should tightly seal around your “assets,” ensuring no liquid leaks out.

The creator says the head is universally sized and will fit into a wide variety of bottles, so you can relieve yourself into a variety of different vessels. So, the next time you really gotta go, but you’re stuck in a traffic jam, or holding your front row place at a concert, you can use the kooky device to relieve yourself — but don’t actually use it in public because that’s illegal. It can be pre-ordered for $25, so there’s no reason you should be caught in a compromising car situation again.