This Indian School Is Focused On Happiness Over Grades

This India school will focus on the happiness of students. “Riverbend School” will focus on developing social, artistic, and environmental skills as well as intellectual and physical ones. But, unlike other schools, it will prioritize happiness and positivity.

Founder, Danish Kurani, explained, “It’s not your job, it’s not your house, it’s not how much money you made, it’s not your level of fame. It’s really your personal relationships that dictate your happiness and are the key drivers of happiness.”  

The school, to be located near Chennai, India, was the brainchild of the SPI Incubator in India, and was designed by Kurani and his team. The campus will feature a Zen garden, a test kitchen, and winding paths to encourage a slower pace. Students will live on campus during the week and go back home on the weekends.

To report on the progress and success of this education style, Kurani explains, “There would be researchers who are looking at the school’s teaching practices, and reporting on those, send this out to the global educational community, let them learn from us taking the risks and constantly trying and experimenting different ways of teaching and learning.”

Construction of the school will begin late 2018 and it’s expected to open late 2019 or 2020.