This New Treatment Fights Cancer Inside Tumors

A new and ingenious way of fighting cancer may be perfected soon. This new treatment can fight cancer from the inside of tumors. Scientists at the American Technion Society developed “nano-factories” (molecular machines implanted into tumors) that activate when in the presence of abnormal cells. Cancer cells typically have very thorough defense mechanisms, but this method is able to sneak by and hijack proteins inside cancerous tumors to help fight the disease from the source.

The researchers engineered these “nano-factories” to suck energy and proteins from the tumors themselves and activate protein medicines specific to the patient’s needs, helping it to combat cancer up close and personal. The team tested the factories on call cultures and then on mice afflicted with breast cancer. Both times, the team saw positive results with the progress killing most of the cancer cells.

Technion Head researcher Avi Schroeder stated, “The artificial cells we’ve developed at the Technion may take an important part in the personalized medicine trend — adjustment of treatment to the genetic and medical profile of a specific patient.”

Using a disease against itself is brilliant and the factories might inspire other scientists to develop cleverer ways of fighting cancer in the future.