Virtually Intimate: Morgen Bromell’s Dating App Thurst

Morgan Bromell is the founder of Thurst — a dating app for queer people of all genders.

She explained, “We’re trying to make sure love between people isn’t just based in a sexual interaction, but it’s more intimate, it’s based on friendship. It’s based in love, not just between two people but all people. We’re trying to have people acknowledge the wholeness, the fullness, the humanity of each person.”

As a response to her frustrations on other dating apps, Bromwell wanted to make sure that the app was inclusive to all genders, especially to gender non binary individuals who were not being catered to.

Thurst first launched in 2016 but ran into unforeseen security issues. Within a day of its launch, users were writing in that they were being harassed through the app. Now, the recently relaunched version is taking measures to better protect its users’ identities.

“There are so few spaces where you can go and meet people around your age who are also queer and out and expressing themselves or just talking about topics and sharing tips — this is where I get healthcare, this is where I get my drag makeup, this is where I got to just hang out and see other people and feel like the cops aren’t going to come. So for me finding community was essential.”

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