Virtually Intimate: Unbound With Polly Rodriguez


Polly Rodriguez is the co-founder and CEO of Unbound, a sexual wellness company that believes tech can give everyone the chance to experience intimacy. At age 21, she was diagnosed with cancer and radiation therapy caused her to go through menopause.

“Going through cancer was this weird mental gymnastics of living in your body and acknowledging that you are yourself, yet feeling the cognitive dissonance of a doctor sitting there, telling you that your body is shutting down, your cells are reproducing and trying to kill you,” she explained. “And so, sexuality became a way I could kind of bring those two things together, and explore my body and my own human experience in a way that made me feel good about my body.”

Rodriguez’s company creates vibrators, lubricants, and jewelry designed for women and femme-identifying individuals. It uses minimal tech in its products to make them for accessible.

“Our whole purpose was, how could we make these [toys] minimalist and how could we ensure that they were accessible from a price perspective and to do that you have to keep the technology fairly basic,” she stated. “It’s my fundamental belief that the future of sex isn’t in AI sex robots or these really extreme personifications of what technology can evolve into. I think the future of sex tech is using technology and its advances to democratize accessibility to information and products so everyone can be informed and own a vibrator and a lubricant and feel like they're able to own their sexuality and explore it.”