Von Braun Space Station Could Be First Hotel in Space

Von Braun Space Station Could Be First Hotel in Space

Von Braun Space Station could be the first hotel in space, and it might offer low-gravity basketball and trampolining.

The station is slated to be operational in 2025 for intrepid travelers looking for vacation in Earth’s orbit. The space stations senior design architect Tim Alatorre described the concept as a space-based cruise in an interview with architectural and design publication Dezeen.

It is designed as a giant wheel that rotates to simulate gravity. Alatorre said this would allow space tourists to go about their daily routines, like using the toilet, showering, and eating. The wheel will be outfitted with 24 modules where guests can sleep.

Alatorre says the Von Braun will have restaurants, bars, concerts, movie screenings, educational seminars, and sports.

“We’re imagining supersized basketball events where you’re running up and down walls,” he told NBC News.

The space station will seek to accommodate approximately 400 people including crewmembers. But the trip won’t be cheap.

“Our goal is to get costs down to where you have a choice: You could save up and go for a week’s vacation in Europe, or you could go to space,” Alatorre explained.

Orion Span, a competing space tourism startup, says it hopes to host guests in its space hotel, Aurora Station, in 2022.