8-Year-Old La'Mareea Poses as Warrior Queen without Legs

Warrior queen La’Mareea was born without legs.

The eight-year-old has caudal regression syndrome, which means the bones in her lower half never developed.

“God put me on this Earth for a reason, and the reason — why He probably did — is so I could do something great and inspire other people to love their self not matter how they’re made,” she said. “Other people tell me that I don’t like being alive and I’m suffering being alive, but I actually love being alive. It’s like, so awesome.”

La’Mareea’s mom came across a casting call for young models to pose in a photoshoot and asked if her daughter would be disqualified because she has no legs.

The photographer responded, “absolutely not,” and ended up choosing La’Mareea for the shoot. She even dubbed her the “warrior queen” after seeing the final product.

“She felt beautiful and she had so much excitement in her voice and actions,” said La’Mareea’s mom, Angela Neal. “Many people think her disability keeps her from succeeding, but it is in their inability to not see her capabilities that makes her strive harder to show them that their ideas of her disability are not enough to keep her down.”