Abort Mission Working To Elect Pro-Choice Candidates

Erika Christensen is fighting to change “outdated” abortion laws.

At 30 weeks pregnant, doctors told Christensen her baby wouldn’t be able to breathe at birth.

“This was not a hard decision. When we knew that it was,you know, give birth to a baby to suffer and die or be able to avoid the outcome,” she explained. “We would do anything to avoid that outcome.”

It’s illegal to get an abortion after 24 weeks in New York, though doctors might perform late abortions if the fetus or mother’s life is at risk. The state is one of 43 that has time limits on getting the procedure. So Christensen was forced to travel to Colorado to see a provider and avoid criminal charges.  

This caused her and her husband to create Abort Mission, an organization working to elect pro-choice leaders and educate the public about abortion laws.

Recently, the couple opened a mock travel agency in New York called No Choice Travel to show people the limited resources women have for late abortions.

“If we all really invest in our states and make sure good, sound legislation is passed, then people would have access that they need,” Christensen stated.

The couple also welcomed their first baby in 2018.