Alessandra Biaggi Is Trying To Win A Senate Seat In New York


Attorney Alessendra Biaggi is taking on the Independent Democratic Conference and Jeff Klein — one of the highest-ranking Democrats in New York.

“He is a Democrat who has — or I should say a ‘Democrat’ who has run as a Democrat, been elected as a Democrat, but for seven years decided that he wanted to caucus solely with the Republicans,” she stated. “And the result of that agreement was that the Republicans were empowered and had a majority and the Democrats had a minority. And certain bills didn’t get to the floor. In fact, over 25 bills didn’t get to the floor for a vote.”

GOP and IDC (Independent Democratic Conference) - controlled Senate blocked bills like the Reproductive Health Act, which protects a woman’s right to choose. And though the IDC ended its alliance with the GOP in April 2018, Biaggi says New York can still be more progressive.

“People look at New York state as this progressive beacon but when you pull the curtain and you look behind the scenes what we’re realizing is that because of the state government and the state legislature they’re not so progressive,” she stated. “If we actually elect real Democrats to the New York State Senate the result will be massive.”