Artist Indu Harikumar Breaks The Myth Of Value Based On Women's Chest Size

Indu Harikumar paints the stories of other women’s breasts.

The Mumbai artist launched a crowdsourced project called “Identitty.” It features paintings of breasts and women’s personal experiences with their chests. The project was inspired by a woman Harikumar met on Instagram.

“They felt like men only looked at their breasts. And the men were not seeing beyond their breast because they’re big-busted,” she explained. “And for me, I’ve been a flat-chested woman for most of my life and, for me, she was showing me the other side of the spectrum.”

Harikumar hopes her art reminds people that women are not defined by the size of their chests.

“I had to deal with nasty comments when I was young about being flat-chested,” she explained. Like me body-like I didn’t even exist. How this felt didn’t matter.”

To be part of “Identitty,” women email Harikumar photos, along with their stories and the imagery they want to be surrounded by. She said every detail is worth appreciating. All of her crowdsourced projects revolve around sexuality and relationships. She says common themes in the responses are shame and vulnerability. But she says it is also an outlet to build self-acceptance.

“A lot of my work has helped me deal with my demons,” she said. “It’s helped me accept my imperfect body and my imperfect self.”