B is for Boss: Brewery Owner Katarina Martinez

Jokingly nicknamed “the Taylor Swift of beer,” Katarina Martinez opened up her own brewery and turned a hobby into a successful business.

The founder of Lineup Brewery says that she constantly gets positive feedback when she tells people about her business, but she didn’t get it when she first pitched the idea. She started home brewing back in Colorado but moved to New York for a software engineering job. She continued to home brew and longed to start her own business — and finally one day, she decided to try and sell her own beer. She came up with the name Lineup, because she was naming her beers after ex-boyfriends and a friend compared it to “a lineup of bad behavior.”
As a head brewer, Martinez says she’s in charge of everything from handling accounts, helping with production and going to events to promote the beer.

“When you see your beer up on the beer board and you hear people ordering it, God, it’s the most gratifying feeling in the world,” she stated.

Martinez says plenty of women have told her that want to be doing what she does.

“I want to bring them into this industry and teach them what I can,” she said. “Now, more than ever, it’s important that we support each other.”