'Badassery' Magazine Features Women Business Owners

Badassery Magazine has created a community of badass women inspiring each other.
Co-creator Samantha Parker said, “We want to showcase people, so that other women can see that there’s so much more out there and that they can literally be anything they want to be.”

Parker and Kathy Rasmussen live in a small Utah town, and both quit jobs that made them unhappy to start their badass online publication. The magazine features articles submitted from women entrepreneurs and bosses who share their success stories and ideas from around the country. They also discuss the trials of being a woman business owner. Their 22nd and most recent issue also included a powerful photoshoot about body love.

“We just kept hearing from people, and I even found myself saying it, ‘When I am skinnier, when I’m prettier, I’ll be more successful. You know, when I lose 50 pounds, I’ll be more successful. And people will take me serious as a business owner...’” Parker said. “And we’re really breaking the mold and saying, no you can look any way you want, and you can do anything you want to just right now, exactly the way you are.”

In addition to all the femme-friendly content, Badassery also hosts video workshops and retreats. It also connects women through a Facebook group, which now has thousands of members.