'Bionic Babe' Dating Columnist Embodies The Bold Type

“Bionic babe” Dayna Troisi went 23 years without uuing a prosthetic arm. Now she’s embracing her favorite accessory and redefining sex and beauty.

“I see my arm as a sex symbol,” she explained. “It’s given me like, a lot of sexual confidence and I — it’s going back to, like, what I said about accessories. When I put this arm on, it feels like I’m wearing like the hottest, most expensive, black lingerie.”

Troisi writes about self-love and acceptance in her lesbian sex and dating column, and says people used to push her to use a prosthetic arm.  

“I lived 23 years without it and I felt beautiful,” she said. “So, it’s challenging even though this arm is an overall really positive thing. It’s also kind of made me rethink how I feel without it.”

She encourages girls and women to love themselves as they are and hopes to inspire them to stay true to themselves.

“There’s like, such a community around fashion and beauty. And I love that so many women are just unabashedly expressing their love for fashion and beauty because it’s not — it’s not frivolous. It’s art,” Troisi stated. “If it brings you joy, it brings you happiness, and you feel ready to slay when you walk out the door, I think that’s incredible.”

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