Brazilian Delegates Talk About The Importance Of Protecting Women From Violence

According to research from the institute for Applied Economic Research, 527,000 rapes per year occur in Brazil — that’s 1,443 cases a day, 60 every hour, and one rape every minute. So, these Brazilian delegates are advocating for support against this violence.

Every 7.2 seconds, one woman is victim of physical violence in Brazil. Every five minutes, a woman is harassed, and this is only in acknowledged cases. Brazil is the 5th most violent country in terms of gender-based violence.

In 2016, a 16-year-old girl was raped by 33 men in Rio de Janeiro. The horrible act was recorded by one of them, showing that the girl was unconscious during the assault. The video went viral and had powerful repercussions. Despite this, she still suffers psychological issues and several threats. But this was only one case among thousands of other that went public. Most of them don’t even get to the police. In fact, 90% of rapes don’t get reported, which means that out of 10 cases, the police only hear about 1.

And even those rarely get their justice — in the case mentioned the girl had to leave town and hide from the overexposure and only 7 of the 33 men were persecuted. That why we need to keep addressing these issues, talk and be heard.

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