Bridesmaids Threw Epic Warrior-Themed Bachelorette Party

This woman threw a warrior-themed bachelorette party.

Bride-to-be Alex Pinkerton celebrated her upcoming wedding in Banff, Canada with her six bridesmaids who were decked out in warrior-themed costumes.

“We wanted to create a party displaying the bond we have for each other, through thick and thin, war and peace,” she explained. “To help raise women up with love and support!”

A few months before the party, Pinkerton’s bridesmaids suggested rocking warrior costumes to praise all the strong women battling to “maintain their rightful place in their environment,” whether it be at home or the workplace.

“I was so impressed how dedicated we went with the theme,” said Pinkerton. “The girls were absolutely there for it. The costumes are obviously just for fun, but there really is something special about taking some time to embody and celebrate women.”

The bridesmaids say they were “shamelessly photographed,” and a group of hikers even jokingly challenged them to war. But the costumes had a much larger meaning.

Pinkerton says her friends help her stay strong. She also gave praise to men who fight for women’s equality:
“We are so proud of the men who have answered the call to be our allies in continued efforts towards gender equality.”