Bumble Sociologist Reflects On #MeToo And Women's Movement History

Dr. Jess Carbino is a sociologist for Bumble and she’s weighing in on #MeToo’s first year.

“What’s interesting about the #MeToo movement relative to other feminist movements is that when we think about what women first initially were asking for in the 1920s, they were asking for the most fundamental and advanced right that one can have as a citizen of a democratic country. The right to vote,” she stated. “Now women today, you know, almost a hundred years later are asking to be safe and to be protected from being harassed and violated. That’s a huge devolution in my opinion.”

Sociologists study society and social behavior by examining groups, cultures, organizations, social institutions, and processes people develop. Carbino says she was a sociologist before even realizing it.

“I was always interested in women’s movements and I always wanted to understand why women were not necessarily considered in society as equals with men because in the environment I grew up in, that wasn’t the case,” she explained. “Gender is constructed by the political world, the media, the government, our families, our institutions, the institutions we interact with, whether that be churches, synagogues, banks. The have consequences for our lives on a daily basis.”