Camp Congress Encourages Young Girls To Run For Office

These girls are running for office at Camp Congress.

The Political Institute for Women launched Camp Congress to encourage girls to run for the highest office one day, and get ahead in learning the ropes of a campaign. The program runs mock campaigns, where each girl picks an office they aspire to hold, such as president, vice president, or member of the legislature. The girls even learn to build a platform for their campaign.

“It’s really cool,” said one of the camp’s participants Sadira Mirjafary. “I don’t want it to keep being like, people can’t do this because you’re a woman. I think that’s dumb.”

The girls’ mothers play the part of campaign manager, helping their daughters create a slogan, financial plan, and TV political ad.

“It’s kind of daunting, politics, you know, public speaking and everything. So, I wanted to expose her to this and to show her that, you know, it’s not scary; that it’s something that women can do, too,” explained Seanna Izzo, one of the mothers.

The program was founded eight years ago, but it’s more relevant today than ever, as a record number of women have signed up to run for office. Camp Congress has expanded to 58 cities in the U.S. and 14 cities around the world.