Catalina Cruz is the First DREAMer Elected to New York State Office

Catalina Cruz is the first DREAMer elected to New York state office.

“The scars of growing up the way I did, that pain doesn’t disappear,” she stated.

Cruz graduated from law school and became an attorney fighting for housing rights. She became a citizen when she married her husband in 2009.

“Especially after Trump won I felt very helpless, I felt like I hadn’t done enough, how could I help change that?” she stated. “For far too long we have folks that are ‘allies’ saying that we introduce a bill, we support a cause — that’s not enough anymore. When you have a bigot, sexist, anti-immigrant sitting in the White House trying to destroy us every day…”

60% of the people living in Cruz’s district in Queens are immigrants. She plans to fight for affordable housing, immigrant rights, and public education.

“There was this whole notion that I came out of nowhere, it’s like, no, I didn’t, I’ve been doing the work for 10 years behind closed doors and people knew it,” she stated. “They have to recognize that when you’re a white-passing Latina, when you have this level of education, even though you struggled the way that you did, you now have a position of privilege that you gotta use for good.”

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