Catt Sadler Discusses Wage Gape & Discrimination With These Prominent Women Athletes

Catt Sadler quit her job as an E! News host over unequal pay—now she’s encouraging women to speak out against discrimination.

“I had been at the same job for about 12 years, more than a decade, doing like so many women do: Just showing up, doing your best. It was a dream job for me, truly,” she said. “And then it was brought to my attention that, in her words, a female executive said to me that I was severely underpaid, and it really was—I was completely blindsided.”

Sadler asked to be paid fairly for her work, but was denied so she left E!

“I knew I had a bigger story to tell and maybe a message that might catch on because it’s certainly not my singular story. It is a world story,” she said. “It’s women across all industries in similar positions.”
Now Sadler uses her platform to speak out against the wage gap. She recently hosted a panel in Paris during the Women’s World Cup to discuss women’s equality and equal pay with prominent athletes. The event was part of LUNA Bar’s Someday Is Now campaign, which encourages women to fight for pay equality.

“It fuels me every day to get up and do work for women, about women, inspiring them, empowering them,” she said.