Children's Book 'Princess Pirates' Takes Girls on New Adventures

This children's book is tearing down gender stereotypes and taking girls on exciting adventures.
D.K. Ackerman started writing “Princess Pirates” when she couldn’t find children’s books that reflected her girls’ interests.
“Most girl books, it’s just something that happens to them, not something that they do,” she explained. “The way ‘Princess Pirates’ really tears down gender stereotypes is by having these girls reimagine everything the way any child would. She’s not just into dinosaurs and ninjas, she’s also into ballerinas and princesses and all those wonderful things.”
Ackerman reached out to the book’s illustrator, Polina Klimenko, via Instagram.
“She has taken this book far and above what I even imagined it could be,” she explained. “And the details she put into—really you can [the children] reimagining this house.”
Ackerman launched a Kickstarter to fund the book’s manufacturing. She reached her goal of $5,000 in four days. “Princess Pirates” will ship in September 2019. It’s sold on Kickstarter and Ackermans’ website, starting at $24. In the future, she plans to create even more books.
“So we’ve got a lot of things to come,” she said. “I’ve got more books I want to write, more ideas, more things I want to come out with to really push my idea and my vision that kids can be and do whatever they want.”