Connecticut Mom Conquers Everest Summit For The 9th Time


Lhakpa Sherpa climbed Mt. Everest for the 9th time — breaking her own world record. She has been summiting Mt. Everest since 2000.

“Women can do everything,” she stated. “Women can — also, we are Sherpa women, we [don’t] have a great education, but we can do this sport.”

Sherpa was inspired to start climbing when she lived near the mountain as a kid. Her community deterred girls from climbing after the first Nepali women who attempted to summit died on the way back down. But Sherpa became the first Nepali woman to successfully summit the world’s tallest mountain and now holds the world record for most summits of Everest by a woman and says she doesn’t train before her climbs, because her body just remembers the high altitude and adjusts.

Sherpa wants to share her story with other women and inspire them to keep climbing forward.

“I am divorced, but I don’t want to go down. I want to do going climbing Mountain Everest,” she said. “Women can do hurt, women can do hard life. I wanna how them, so, every woman can do this.”

Sherpa currently lives in Connecticut with her children, but tries to fly back to Nepal each spring to make the two-month 29,000-ft journey.