Construction Company Rolls Out Inclusive 'At Work' Signs, Recruits Women

This company wants to support more construction women.

Plaza construction in New York manufactured “Men and Women at Work” signs that are currently places at job sites in New York, New Jersey, Washington, D.C., and Florida.

“It’s to say that—oh, I thought only men go in there. It’s like, no, we’re here, too,” Karina Ramos, an estimator at Plaza Construction, explained.  

Ramos says the industry has grown into a welcoming workplace for women.

“I feel like construction is classically perceived as the catcalling, that movie publicized view,” she said. “And I feel like that idea is dead.”
However, the industry still struggles to attract women. Nine percent of construction crews in the U.S. are made up of women.

Jackie Horowitz, a veteran in the industry, says today construction women are in high demand with more opportunities available for them to thrive in the field.

“I wanted the young women to know that this industry exists. And it’s very profitable emotionally, professionally, and financially.

Plaza Construction offers mentoring programs for its employees to build a strong network. Ramos says having support from women like Horowitz is necessary in a male-dominated environment.

“She and women like her have made it so much easier for women like me, younger women, entering the industry to really grow with construction,” she said.