Corinne Weeks Offered $2 Million In PhD Scholarships

This 17-year-old math prodigy is about to graduate college and has 9 offers for a full ride to get her PhD.

Corinne Weeks skipped grades at every stage of her academic life. Her mother suggested to her elementary school teacher that she skip a year of math, but after reviewing her test scores, he recommended she skip the entire grade.  By junior high, it was clear that she had a truly gifted mind.

By 14, she bypassed high school, leaving after her sophomore year. She’s now about to graduate from Mary Baldwin University College for Women, having been a part of a program for the exceptionally gifted which is made up of about 60 teen girls.

“I felt like it was the place I was meant to be. I could start my college degree right away and take all the classes I wanted to.” Corinne explained.

In addition to graduating college as a teen, she also has her pick from 9 top chemical engineering programs, including Stanford, Princeton, and Purdue (her parents’ alma mater). 9 schools have offered her full scholarships for a combined total worth more than $2 million. She plans on picking her next school soon, but definitely has a fun dilemma on her hands.