Director Jennifer Fox Is Sharing Her Powerful Story of Child Sex Abuse

Director Jennifer Fox turned her story of child sex abuse into a major motion picture.

“I can tell you about tons of situations that only happen when a woman leaves the house which is every day,” she stated. “But my point is my life was about living free and living as much like a man as a woman could live during these decades.”

Fox says she didn’t acknowledge her own story of child sex abuse until her mid-forties while traveling the world filming “Flying: Confessions of a Free Woman.”

“I heard so many stories of child sexual abuse that frankly it sounded just like my story that I called my first relationship,” she said. “And like I was like a sudden paradigm shift where what I called a relationship I understood was child sexual abuse because there's an architecture.”

Fox’s film “The Tale” premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and was purchased by HBO. The film was nominated for two Emmys. Even though it was filmed long before #MeToo, Fox credits the movement for creating an empathetic audience.

“Women often become stronger and stronger as they age. I can tell you for sure that I could not have made ‘The Tale’ when I was younger that I didn't have the maturity, the insight, the basically— the chops as a filmmaker to tell this highly complex story,” she explained. “So the world is benefiting from my maturity as an artist and as a woman.”

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