Molly Kang and Denise Jin are Modernizing the Bridal Industry with 'Floravere'

Denise Jin and Molly Kang are modernizing the bridal industry for clients of all ethnicities, backgrounds, and sizes with their bridal brand Floravere.

The pair met when they were management consultants at a private equity group. Kang then got engaged and became super disappointed while bridal shopping, saying the experience was outdated and she couldn’t fit into many of the sample sizes. She ended up going to business school with an idea to revolutionize the bridal world — and roped Jin into it. They ended up co-founding the first direct-to-consumer bridal line.

Floravere’s signature styles are also all named after prominent women like “G. O’Keefe” and “Y. Kusama.” They also offer extended sizing. And after “Crazy Rich Asians” hit theaters, the duo named a dress after its main character Rachel Chu. They say they were inspired by the movie’s celebration of Chinese tradition. The red dress, representing “luck” in Chinese culture, attracted worldwide attention.

In terms of starting bridal venture, the pair dove in “head first” and were eager to prove to customers and investors that they were making a brand worth starting. They were able to raise enough money to launch their brand in 2016 and have obviously seen a lot of success ever since.  

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