Gamer Samantha Schwemm Shows How Others Treat Her Online for Being A Woman

Gamer Samantha Schwemm recorded the harassment she receives for other players—and her video went viral.

Schwemm, a.k.a “Spawntaneous Gaming,” is a Twitch affiliate who has been gaming for most of her life. She decided to release a video capturing gaming harassment she’s received to prove to skeptics that women gamers like her have to deal with verbal threats on a normal basis.

“While I was playing games, I noticed that men and even women sometimes were making kind of unusual comments towards me,” she explained. “And I decided to make a series out of it because my friends didn’t believe me. And basically making a series was the easiest way to show them, like, this is what’s happening to me.”

Schwemm’s video has racked up more than 1 million views and other women are responding to her experience.

“It’s really frustrating honestly. Me and other female gamers, all we want to do is play the game,” she stated. “And having to listen to all of these rude comments is—it’s super frustrating.”

Schwemm said her now extended eight-part series “OMG a Girl” has drawn mixed reviews. She also said games have reporting options but that they aren’t always helpful. She hopes her videos can spark change in the gaming community and empower other women gamers.