Girl Trek Walked Underground Railroad To Honor Harriet Tubman

These women trekked Harriet Tubman’s Underground Railroad in five days. GirlTrek is a nonprofit dedicated to improving Black women’s health though walking. Recently, 10 women walked 100 from Maryland to Delaware to pay tribute to Harriet Tubman. The journey ended on Harriet Tubman Day and a cheering crowd was waiting at the finish line. The participants were definitely excited and proud that they were able to make the lofty trek.

GirlTrek tweeted, “Thank you. Thank you for your kind words, light, prayers, encouragement, love and radiating positive energy. We love you and we’re glad we are done. 100 miles in 5 days ain’t no joke! #HarrietsGreatEscape.”

The women trained for three weeks to be able to walk 20 miles a day. GirlTrek has held several walks in honor of Black women, including a walk in honor of Fannie Lou Hamer a civil right and voting rights activist.

The group’s Founder T. Morgan Dixon stated to, “We will show and prove that 2018 is about radical courage and unshakable sisterhood. Harriet Tubman saved her own life first and then went back time after time to save the lives of others giving us the blueprint for the work GirlTrek does today.”

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