Gretchen Carlson Giving Workshops To Help Empower Women

Gretchen Carlson is helping women across the country learn their rights. She’s on a 12-city tour that offers free workshops to help women combat sexual misconduct and become community leaders.

“What I found out is that giving the gift of courage is contagious. So, one women can make a difference, but collectively, when we all decide to stand together and speak up — look at what’s happened.” Carlson stated. “The most amazing thing is that, after my story about sexual harassment broke, I got the question a lot — how can you help women who don’t have the resources that you may have had to get help? And that question really troubled me. In starting this program, the Gretchen Carlson Leadership Initiative, we’re offering all of this help to women. Often times when you’re a victim of domestic violence or sexual harassment, you feel like you voice doesn’t matter.”

Carlson partnered with “All In Together,” a campaign to encourage women’s participation in politics. Before #MeToo, Carlson, a former Fox News anchor, sued Fox News CEO Roger Ailes for sexual harassment. After other women at Fox came forward with similar accusations. Ailes resigned.

“I feel like men are being held accountable, and women are having the courage to stand up and speak up.” Carlson explained.