How Sex Worker and Activist Nadia Karenina is Fighting for Women's Rights in Argentina

Activist and sex worker Nadia Karenina is fighting for women’s rights across the board.
“The same way we need to be able to access abortions legally, we need to be able to do sex work legally,” she said.
Born in Argentina to a strictly religious family and in a country that does not fully recognize women's rights to abortion, Nadia Karenina's life paved her way to activism. As a sex worker, survivor of a botched abortion, and member of the LGBTQ+ community, Nadia recognized the need for her voice in defending women's rights.

Currently, 500,000 abortions are estimated to occur in Nadia's home country of Argentina every year, despite the ban. Karenina is fighting for safe legal abortions, because she knows firsthand that they will continue to happen regardless of the law, they just won’t happen safely. She also became involved with sex work, which is also stigmatized in the country, but said the decision to do so had to do with gaining independence.  

“Feminism should move forward to include all identities, making it possible for us to do whatever we want with our bodies, as long as we aren’t affecting others,” she said. “The same way we need to be able to access abortion legally, we need to able to do sex work legally, without violence or harassment.”

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