How To Ask for A Raise Featuring Luminary CEO Cate Luzio

Want a raise? Here's how to ask for one, according to Luminary CEO Cate Luzio.
“So many women don’t ask for a higher salary because they feel awkward about initiating the conversation, or they’re worried about coming across as braggy, entitled, or greedy,” she said. “For some, it’s been a while and you’re afraid to hear ‘no.’ It’s time to shake that nervousness around this topic and get comfortable asking for what you’re worth.”
According to a 2018 study, women made $500 billion less than men—and these numbers are slow to change. Luzio says the bottom line is that women need to start owning their value so that we can close the wage gap once and for all.
To successfully ask for a raise, she encourages women to first ask around what others around are making, then practice your pitch while anticipating questions. She also says to prepare data sheets that show your performance. Once you’re ready to chat with your manager, schedule a one-on-one meeting. Offer examples of times you were a leader in the office, spearheaded initiatives and brought clients in. Once you’ve had the talk, make sure to circle back with your manager if they say asking HR will take time. And hearing a “we’ll see” or even a “no” isn’t the end of the world.
“It’s the beginning of an ongoing conversation that you should continue to have, not just this once, but through your career,” she said.