Iranian Women Are Protesting Its Compulsory Hijab Law

Women are hanging their scarves in the streets of Iran to protest its forced hijab law.  

Activist Masih Alinejad, founded the “My Stealthy Freedom” movement to encourage women to protest Iran’s mandatory dress code, which requires women to wear hijab in public at all times. Women in Iran have been pushing back against this policy in many different ways. At least two women were recently arrested taking off their scarves and standing on public benches. But this isn’t stopping them from standing up for themselves — they even brought their message to the 2018 Women’s March in NYC.

“I want to tell the rest of the world, that the true face of feminism is in Iran. It’s happening right now in my country: millions of women saying no to forced hijab.” Alinejad stated. “In my country, saying no to compulsory hijab and being jailed, losing your life, your education, is a sign of resistance. So, I’m representing the women of Iran in this march. I have to stick together. We should not ignore those women who fight against compulsory hijab and they put themselves in danger in Iran. I want to say that compulsory hijab is not part of Iranian culture. We have to be loud, all of us, and say no to forced hijab."