Jennie Willoughby On What The Media Got Wrong About Her Story

Jennie Willoughby shared what the media got wrong about her abuse story after she accused former White House Staff Secretary Rob Porter of physically and emotionally abusing her during their marriage.

“And no one to this day, from the White House has reached out to apologize. My face as on all of the political talking shows and a lot of network news programs. Not my name. I was ‘Rob Porter’s ex-wife. When I started telling everybody, “I’m not going to talk about Rob and the White House anymore but let me know when you want me to talk about recovery, abuse, resiliency — I’m all for it,’ it very quickly stopped.” Willoughby explained.

She went on to say, “The trauma was less about each individual isolated situation and more about that systematic ripping apart of everything I was confident about myself. I finally get the strength to leave multiple times before it was actually final. It was from my own spiritual work, from work with therapists, from talking to friends who been in similar situations. I was shocked at how many friends that I spoke with who, to some degree or another, knew what I was going through.”

Despite what she’s been though, Willoughby says that “compassion, grace, love, healing” will get our country through tough times.