At 67 Years Old, JoAni Johnson is the New Face of Rihanna's FENTY Fashion Line

Meet the 67-year-old model Rihanna picked to represent her fashion line.

JoAni Johnson is one of the faces of FENTY, Rihanna’s new luxury fashion line with French company LVMH.

Johnson is a first-generation Jamaican American. The 67-year-old’s modeling career took off in 2016 after her husband convinced her to pose for a New York street photographer. Shortly after, she starred in a viral Allure video, which highlighted the beauty of aging and celebrated grey hair.

“I don’t know what tomorrow may bring,” she said Allure campaign. “You know, some of us don’t even get an opportunity to age.”

In 2017, Johnson’s husband died. She told Refinery29 modeling gave her a “sense of purpose.”

“I tell people all the time: I do this because he loved me doing it. I know that he would have wanted me to continue,” she said.

Johnson has posed for publications including Vogue and Elle. In 2019 =, she appeared among a group of women representing FENTY. The brand launched by Rihanna in 2017 champions femininity, diversity, and the power of Black women and men.

“Representation matters, It always has and this @Fentycampaign is so excellent and so important for multiple reasons in 2019” Johnson said on Instagram. “The marathon certainly continues.”