Disability Activist Jordan Reeves Helped Launch 'Barbies' With Prosthetics

Jordan Reeves helped Barbie launch a new line of dolls with prosthetics that will also include wheelchairs.  

The 13-year-old disability activist was born without a left forearm and is known for her creative prosthetic designs, including a 3D unicorn horn that shoots glitter.

Jordan recently joined forces with Mattel to expend its Barbie Fashionistas line to include dolls with wheelchairs and prosthetic limbs.

“As a brand, we can elevate the conversation around physical disabilities by including them into our fashion doll line to further showcase a multi-dimensional view of beauty and fashion,” Mattel explained in a statement.

The company says its goal is to become “the most diverse and inclusive doll line in the world” that celebrates all forms of beauty.
15% of people worldwide experience some form of disability.  

“Just imagine how amazing it must feel for a kid in a wheelchair or with prosthetic limbs to get a doll like that,” @scarfff stated on Instagram. “A doll that, for the first time, they feel like they can relate to. I don’t know about y’all, but to me, that’s powerful.”

“A big icon of society like Barbie now demonstrates that there are different types of people… [who] can be attractive and something kids want to play with,” The National Disability Rights Network’s Curt Decker stated to CNN.

The new line of dolls is expected to debut in fall 2019.