Lesbian Visibility Day Fights For Lesbians' Rights Worldwide

People around the world are celebrating Lesbian Visibility Day.  

“Lesbian Visibility Day means being to celebrate who we are as lesbians across the board,” explained Nigerian LGBT activist Aderonke Apata. “To have a discussion on how we can increase their visibility and enhance their rights.”

April 26 has been designated Lesbian Visibility Day since 2008. Now, organizations are using the annual holiday to flight for lesbian rights across the world. Several organizations are meeting with members of European Parliament as part of the European Lesbian Conference to discuss ways to improve the lives of lesbians who often face homophobia and stigmatization.

The origins of Lesbian Visibility Day are a mystery, but the day reportedly started in the U.S. and spread around the world with the help of social media. Today, it still has only a few related articles and events online, but is an important celebration of lesbian voices.

“So, if you today identify as a lesbian, just find it in yourself to be a little more visible if you can,” Ruth Hunt, CEO of Stonewall UK explained. “Because between us, we can change the world for young women out there, and we can make the world a better place.”

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