73-Year-Old Mangayamma Yaramati Becomes Oldest-Known Woman to Give Birth

Mangayamma Yaramati is the world’s oldest-known woman to give birth. The 73-year-old gave birth to healthy twin girls on September 5, 2019 in Andhra Pradesh, India.
Yaramati and her husband of nearly 60 years always wanted to have a baby but struggled to conceive. When she visited the Ahelya IVF & Nursing Home, she reportedly concealed her age to receive IVF treatment. 
Doctors were skeptical about Yaramati’s chances of getting pregnant.
“I myself was not sure I can make her pregnant or not at this age,” Dr. S. Umashankar explained. “And she has come to us with lot of hope, so I just didn’t want to lose her hope. So we said one try [for IVF] from our side and that’s it.”
Yaramati became pregnant after one cycle of IVF. She then stayed in the hospital for nine months, where a team of 10 medical professionals monitored her cardiac and nutritional health, as well as the status of her pregnancy. Doctor’s delivered her babies by C-section. According to The Guardian, she and her babies are in good health. Yaramati told BBC News that “this is the happiest time of my life.”
The previous record was held by a woman from Punjab, India.