Meet Hijabi Designer Lisa Vogl


Lisa Vogl is one of the first major hijab designers in the U.S. and wants women to wear their hijabs with pride — if they choose to wear one. Despite converting to Islam in 2011 and building a career around the head scarf, she said she supports women fighting against compulsory hijab in other countries.

“We want to give women the confidence to be proud of how they choose to dress and not to be afraid of who they are,” she explained.
After converting, Vogl said she has a hard time finding fashionable modest clothing.

“There’s millions of Muslim women that live in Western countries and there really wasn’t too much access to be able to find loose clothing that covered all the way down to your arms or a perfect skirt that didn’t have a slit,” she said. “So, we found this huge market that was not being catered to.”

After starting Verona Collection out of her apartment in 2015, Vogl continued to see success, and her’s is now the first modest clothing line to be sold at Macy’s. She encourages other women to exercise their freedom of religion and expression, and that proudly sporting your faith’s garb is the “most American” thing you can do.