Meet Mini CEO Kamaria Warren, Founder of Brown Girls' Stationery

Kamaria Warren runs Brown Girls’ Stationary—a company that makes supplies for girls who lack representation.

“We make them feel important by giving them someone to relate to,” she explained.

Kamaria, the “mini CEO,” runs her business with her mom, Shaunice Sasser. Their company launched in 2015 after Kamaria says she realized she couldn’t relate to the dolls of princesses in the spotlight.

“When I would watch different Barbie movies, I always saw the different races, other than Barbie, like just being their sidekicks,” she stated. “So with our business, we make all different girls the main character.”

So far, Kamaria’s business has earned approximately $10,000 and every design is handcrafted in their home office. After they draft a design, they send it to an illustrator who brings their art to life.

“Kamaria’s responsible for coming up with different girls. I won’t send anything to be printed if it’s not something she doesn’t like because she can’t promote something that she’s not passionate about,” Shaunice said.

Kamaria says she takes her role as a mini CEO very seriously. She also created a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for new printers. Ultimately she wants to open a storefront so she can continue inspiring and helping others.