Meika Hollender Founded Sustain Natural to Close The Orgasm Gap


Meika Hollender founded Sustain Natural to close the orgasm gap while funding sex ed programming.

“39% of women versus 91% of men go into heterosexual sex and have orgasms,” she explained. “That’s crazy!”

Hollender is the CEO of Sustain Natural, a woman’s health company. The company created the Get Off To Give Back campaign, featuring Jasmine Zhang's design work, with nonprofit Advocates for Youth to promote a climactic Valentines Day.

The company is asking 10,000 people to pledge to have an orgasm and is promoting healthy sex lives for people of all identities.

“For every orgasm, we’re donating $1 to sex positive sex ed in partnership with Advocates for Youth,” said Hollender. “Why? Because we believe that sex positive sex education will lead to increased pleasure for all.”

Advocates for Youth works to ensure young people receive proper sexual health education and info on access to contraception and abortion services. According to a recent Guttmacher study, only 24 states and D.C. mandate sex education in the U.S. 50% of girls learned how to properly use a condom before having sex and less than 6% of LGBTQ+ students said their education included positive representation of LGBTQ+ related topics.

“All genders, all identities need to be included,” Hollender said. “Not just how we talk about pleasure, but in terms of how we educate kids and young adults about sex.”