Melanie Elturk Creates High Fashion Hijabs

This woman started a line of luxury hijabs. Melianie Elturk started Haute Hijab in 2010, after realizing the lack of high-quality headscarves for Muslim women in the U.S.

“There is no more time for women to be living anything but authentically.” Elturk explained. “I was sick of putting together such an amazing, stylish outfit and then not having the hijab to match. The hijab often hindered my style choices and I hated that.”

Elturk says she noticed young Muslim women ditching the hijab because few options were available. So, she quit her job as an attorney and moved to New York to create a line with her husband.

She explained, “I set out to start a brand where Muslim women could have access to hijabs that fit our lifestyles.”

Eltruk is committed to giving Muslim women confidence through fashion. The brand just released a new luxury collection made of 100% pure silk, embellished with lace, pearls, and more for weddings graduations or other special events. Next, she hopes to release hijabs for working women including sportswear and hijabs for medical professionals. She also encourages other Muslim women to follow their dreams and take changes that they think they can’t take.”