'Mercy Mistress' Is Changing The Way Queer, Asian Americans Are Portrayed On Screen


Yin Q and Poppy Liu are queer, Asian American film producers who created the series “Mercy Mistress,” based off of Q’s experience as a professional dominatrix.

“I have to say when I first walked into a BDSM dungeon, I felt so relieved,” explained Q. “I felt so relieved to be in a space where I knew other people desired the same things. I also felt like my sexual orientation was just freed.”

The web series highlights intersecting identities while shattering stigmas about sex work and queerness. Liu plays mistress Yin in the show, who travels a complex path to eventual self-discovery.

“I grew up in Minnesota and so a lot of the narratives what I, like, I consumed around queerness where really under, like, a white lens. And so, I never identified with it because I never identified with that narrative,” explained Liu. “I just knew something was like, different or off with me, but I used like, many other different words. And I think that’s a very specific experience of being a hyphenated person and a diasporic person.”

The two artists focused on hiring a crew of women, femme, and queer people of color to make the film. They hope that it empowers young, queer femmes to embrace their sexuality and identities.