Michele Dauber Receives Threats For Trying To Unseat Brock Turner's Judge

Michele Dauber is receiving rape threats for campaigning to unseat the judge in Brock Turner’s case.

The law professor stated, “The level of it, and the violence of it, and the open misogyny of it has been upsetting and surprising. That said, we are not going to be intimidated.”

Dauber is a law professor at Sanford University. She started a campaign to recall judge Aaron Persky who gave former Stanford swimmer Brock Turner a lenient six-month jail sentence after he was convicted of raping a woman. Persecutors suggested a six-year sentence but Turner only ended up serving three months.

Dauber revealed the threatening letters and packages, which include threats to her life and insulting demands like “Just sit your ugly ass down until the judge’s term is up.” One man was recently arrested for sending Dauber a package with white powder and a note threatening to rape her.

But Dauber says she can’t be stopped, stating, “We are 51% of the registered voters. We do not have to accept having the crimes that we experience as women treated like they don’t matter.”

Persky wasn’t up for reelection until 2022 but Dauber’s recall campaign moved that vote up to June 5, 2018 — and now voters will decide his fate four years early.

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