Pakistani Singer Momina Mustehsan Is Sending A Message Of Feminism To The World

Pakistani Singer Momina Mustehsan explains how feminism can be intimidating to the conservative world.

“The model of women empowerment cannot be one size fits all.” Mustehsan explained. “Feminism is a global term that comprises of people from every race, religion, culture and geographic location. Every region faces a different challenge when it comes to women empowerment. In South Asia, there is a lack of understanding of the term empowerment because majority of the people there think that the definition of women empowerment is to wear fewer clothes, to renounce her culture and traditions, and that it’s synonymous with immorality.”

She went on to say, “Do we hate our women? I don’t think so. In fact, Pakistan has more women representation in government than the U.S. and we have twice elected a female head of state. We first need to define the term empowerment for the region. Empowering women in Pakistan would mean raising them equal to boys, providing them with the same education, giving them the same job opportunities, equal wages and equal respect.”   

The Pakistani Singer is using her fame for change, and is helping define what empowering women and feminism would mean for different countries and different cultures.