Moms Show Support After Serena Williams Missed Baby's First Steps


Serena Williams missed her baby’s first steps, and working moms are empathizing with the tennis star.

Williams revealed that she missed a milestone in her daughter’s life while competing for her 8th Wimbledon title, stating on Twitter, “She took her first steps…I was training and missed it. I cried.”

After Williams expressed her “mommy guilt,” women everywhere offered their words as comfort.
Football presenter Alison Bender tweeted, “Ah Serena. I’m with you there. I’m in Russia at the World Cup. I watched mine take her first steps on a video she’ll be proud of you when she grows up (I have to keep telling myself).”

Chrissy Teigen tweeted, “She is practicing so you can see the real ones.”

Columnist Raakhee Mirchandani tweeted, “I missed a bunch of firsts while I was at work. I hear ya, mama. It’s not easy. But our girls see us out there grinding + living our dreams and that’s got to mean something. Good luck in London – my daughter and I are both rooting for you!”

Returning from maternity leave has had its highs and lows for Williams; and her rank dropped significantly when she took time off. But this started an international conversation about changing tournament rules — only further solidifying her legacy as a role model on and off the court.